Concerning Brigitte Barbier

After training at the Centre d’Etudes et de recherche de l’image et du son (Image and Sound Research and Study Center), Brigitte Barbier assisted several directors of photography of renown on various feature films :

Bruno de Keyser :
Max et Jérémie, by Claire Devers
Richard Copans :
La Comédie du travail, by Luc Moullet
Robert Alazraki :
La vieille dame qui marchait dans la mer, by Laurent Heynemann,
Le Bal des casse-pieds, by Yves Robert
Willy Kurant :
Cuisine et dépendances, by Philippe Muyl.

Ten years later, she became chief cameraman on Pascal Bauemler’s feature film, Retour à la vie, plus numerous documentaries and more than thirty short films.

In addition to her work behind the camera, she writes articles for the  AFC (French Association of Cinematographers) and is involved in the Commission of Financial Contributions for the production of short films, at the CNC (Centre national du cinéma). She also works as a film editor.
On the basis of her cinemagraphic work with documentaries, she undertook the production of a very personal portrait of the artist Jean-Olivier Hucleux, called « Dry Water », for which she worked as both director of photography and editor.
She is currenly working on another documentary film about Olympe de Gouges adapted from a graphic novel by the illustrator Catel Muller.

Projects :
–    a series for television (10x26’) on the various professions in the cinema and television industry.
–    A 90’ documentary, Retour aux sources (Back to the roots) about discovering the lost identity of a little girl based on the memories of her stepfather born in Vietnam.
Director of photography on the following documentaries (a sample) :

In the series « L’art et la manière » for ARTE :
Dorothée Selz (26’), by Véronique Aubouy.

In the series « Profiles » for ARTE
Luca Ronconi (75’) and Edward Bond (1h 15) by Véronique Aubouy.

In the series  « Les foyers de création » for ARTE
Miquel Barcelo (75’) by Jean-Louis Comolli.
Rome, 1785, and Bruge, 1434 (2 x 60’), by Jean-Loïc Portron.
Assise, vers 1300, et Paris, 1824 (2 x60’), by Jacques Deschamps.

For ARTE :
Les guerres du luxe (90’), by Jean Louis Comolli